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I’d Tap That: 3/11 is Bottle Free Day at Brown!

March 11, 2010

Tap That for the planet!

The awesome Beyond the Bottle team is celebrating Bottle Free Day TODAY March 11th! Wanna get in the spirit?

1. Use a reusable water bottle! Don’t have one? You can buy a super classy Beyond the Bottle bottle today from dining services for just one meal credit! Usually they cost $7 flexpoints!

2. Learn more about the social and environmental effects of bottled water.  I think lays out the reasons pretty well! Also, one thing they don’t mention! Bottle water uses a lot of petroleum!

Did you know 1.5 million barrels of oil are used annually to produce plastic water bottles for America alone – enough to fuel 100,000 U.S. cars for a year! Imagine a water bottle filled a quarter of the way up with oil. That’s about how much oil was needed to produce the bottle.

3. Sign the Beyond the Bottle Pledge showing your commitment reducing the harmful environmental and social effects of bottled water.

4. Wear blue and spread the word! There is also something going on with blue ribbons… if you know what that deal is, comment below!

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