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Rise Above Plastics Ice Sculpture

March 17, 2010

Brown EcoReps will be hosting a SurfRider Foundation RISE ABOVE PLASTICS ICE SCULPTURE on the Main Green this Friday!

Rise Above Plastics Ice Sculpture in Downtown Providence

The sculpture will be a 4ft ice Osprey, a native Rhode Island bird, filled in the middle with bits of plastic collected from Rhode Island beaches.


because Plastic Marine Debris kills 1,000 sea birds and 1.5 million marine animals each year.

There is a huge soup of plastic bits floating in the middle of the pacific ocean.  It is estimated that this area of dense plastic pollution is twice the size of Texas.  It is often called the Plastic Soup, the Eastern Garbage patch or the Pacific Trash vortex… whatever you call it, it’s’ a HUGE problem!

What can you do?

You can reduce your use of plastic!

Every year, about 300 billion pounds of plastic is produced around the world, and only a fraction is recycled.  Plastic never bio-degrades, so all the plastic we’ve ever made, billions and billions of tons, is still with us! And unfortunately, a lot of it ends up in the ocean!

You can use less plastic by:
~ bringing your own utensils, bottles, bags and mugs
~ buying less food packaged in plastic
~ recycling properly whenever you can!


do it for your health, do it for the birds, do it for the earth!

I will post more articles and links on the plastic soup soon! Check back for more info!

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