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Energy Reduction Tips!

April 9, 2010

So as you hopefully read in the competition’s introductory post the residents of Hope, Machado, Poland, and Slater will be competing over the next three weeks the reduce the most energy.  But how might you reduce your energy consumption, you ask?  Thankfully, using less energy is really easy.  Below are some simple steps to use less electricity.

  1. Turn off the lights when you’re not in your room.
  2. Turn off the lights in bathrooms, lounges, kitchens, or other common areas if no one is using them.
  3. Take advantage of natural light whenever possible (aka don’t read in your room with the lights on and the blinds closed if it’s a sunny day!  Or better yet, go read outside!).
  4. Study in libraries or other university buildings where the lights are kept on for students.
  5. Replace all incandescent light bulbs in your lamps and other light fixtures with compact fluorescents, or CFLs (shown above).
  6. Unplug chargers when they’re not in use.  They still draw electricity from outlets even if the appliance is not attached.
  7. Don’t leave your cell phone or laptop charging overnight.  For the same reason as #5, once the charger replenishes the battery of the given appliance, it will continue to consume electricity.  (Doing this will also increase the battery life of your electronics!)
  8. Take colder and/or shorter showers.  It takes an incredible amount of energy to heat water.
  9. If your building has an elevator, take the stairs instead.
  10. And last but not least, do it in the dark…

Feel free to send us your personal energy reduction methods and we’ll be sure to post them to the web!

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