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Get Started Green! 8 Tips for Making your Brown Move-in Green!

August 27, 2010

Hey everyone!

Cars are rolling up to dorms! Freshman are meeting their roommates and parents are carrying huge suitcases! It’s the start of school! Whether it’s your first move in or your last, here some tips to make move-in easy on you and the planet:

8 Tips for Making your Brown Move-in Green!

1. Recycle your cardboard! If you bring cardboard moving boxes, or have pre-shipped items, break the boxes down and bring them to any of the large BLUE dumpsters outside your hall. You could also send your boxes home with your parents or keep some flattened under your bed to use during move-out.

2.  Skip the bottled water! Consider purchasing a water filer (i.e. Brita filter) and/or a reusable water bottle!  Once meal plan starts you can by reusable water bottles for 7 flex points at Mini Jo’s!

3. Recycle! Each dorm room comes equipped with a white bucket for recyclables.  Plastics #1 and #2, aluminum, glass, paper and boxboard can all be recycled in your dorms recycling room.  For more recycling tips check out:

4. Buy Green for your room! There are tons of environmentally friendly products out there! Everything from organic cotton sheets to chemical free cleaners! Give your purchases some real thought.  Check out for tips and green product lists.

5. Buy Green for school! When shopping for school supplies, look for paper, pens, and notebooks with post-consumer recycled content. Consider re-using a backpack from last year.

6. Bag the bag! Don’t forget to bring a reusable bags with you when you go shopping for school supplies and snacks.  Don’t have a bag? Stop by the Facilities Management table at the Resources Fair for your own “Brown is Green” bag!

7. Lighten up! Bring or buy CFLs for your desk and floor lamps.  CLFs last longer and use less energy than regular light bulbs.

8. Get involved! Interested in learning more about living green at Brown? Check out the EcoReps Blog at and keep a eye out for our meetings and trainings at the start of school!

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