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EcoReps Tailgate Recycling – Can you say over 3,000 cans?

October 6, 2010

To the victor go the spoils, sort of...

Last weekend at the Brown/Harvard football game (also a historic game as it was the first night home game at Brown) a few devoted EcoReps spent the first half of the game collecting aluminum cans that had been littered by those tailgating.  We filled a total of 15 LARGE garbage bags (for the record these aren’t the puny ones you use in your kitchen at home), and accumulated an estimated 3,000 cans!

Why is this important, you ask?  Of course the Facilities Management crew (or whoever they outsource to for event maintenance) would have been tasked with cleanup and would have done their job admirably, as they often do.  But in the interest of time, to the best of my knowledge, they don’t take the time to sort out the waste.  They sweep it up in one fell swoop and off it goes to the landfill.  By picking up the cans as we did, we not only saved these workers from some of this labor, but we also ensured that all of it was properly sorted and disposed of, thereby extending the life cycle of these materials.

Enjoy this video of the complete pile, along with our incredibly scientific methods of estimation:

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  1. Ginger permalink
    October 6, 2010 3:37 PM

    Those are 56 gallon bags, which means you guys collected 840 gallons worth of containers. Got any incredibly scientific methods to calculate the weight? 😉

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