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Meet Your EcoReps

Gretchen Gerlach

EcoReps Coordinator

Hey! My name is Gretchen Gerlach. I am a sophomore at Brown, concentrating in Environmental Studies. I have worked as an intern at Facilities Management for two years and this year I have taken over as the coordinator of EcoReps. If you have questions about green living at Brown, I will have your answer! I am from Missoula Montana. I love recycling, upcycling, freecycling, and bicycling! I am also very interested in sustainable agricultural systems, specifically urban agriculture! I am obsessed with outdoorsy recreation: hiking, skiing, boating, climbing, riding, gathering (not so much hunting), snow architecture, etc.! And I am always up for an adventure.

Matt Breuer

Sustainability Analyst

Hi! My name is Matt and I’m from Newton, Massachusetts. I’m currently a sophomore studying engineering at Brown, and my role is to support EcoReps with  numbers, graphs, statistics and data. I’m an intern for Facilities Management and head of Brown Climate Action Fund. Outside of EcoReps, I also love backpacking, playing the piano, water auditing, promoting green living at Brown, and pursuing the University’s carbon reduction goals.

Caitlin Conn

Publicity Specialist

Hey everyone! I’m Caitlin Conn and I’m the Publicity Intern for Energy & Environmental Programs in Facilities Management here at Brown. I’m excited to bring my experience in marketing a retail startup and interning with Google to the Brown EcoReps team. As a senior Psychology and Commerce, Organizations, & Entrepreneurship concentrator I’m really interested in behavioral decision making and how to communicate with individuals to elicit change! I’m secretly really artsy, love sports and can’t get enough of being outdoors…hiking through Muir Woods to Stinson Beach in CA was one of the highlights of my life!! I can’t wait to spend this year with EcoReps…go Brown, go green!

Adam Hoffman

Area EcoRep: Keeney & Main Campus

My name is Adam Hoffman and I am a sophomore from Lafayette, California, which is a town just outside San Francisco. I have always been passionate about environmental affairs and have therefore been involved in environmental groups in both high school and college. I am currently living in Chapin House on Patriots Court and I am excited to be part of the new Area EcoRep program! Other than my participation in EcoReps, I am a member of Brown’s varsity baseball team and I am a Meiklejohn peer advisor. I am also interested in energy conservation issues here at Brown.

Karina Alventosa

Area EcoRep: Wriston & Grad Center

Hi, my name is Karina Alventosa and I am the Area EcoRep for the Wriston and Central Campus areas. I am a Civil Engineering concentrator with an interest in preserving the planet for future generations. I am a member of the club field hockey team, member of SWE and EWB and a volunteer for BAM. I enjoy learning about green structures and the increasing integration of sustainable techniques in architecture and engineering.

Tom Schiefer

Area EcoRep: East Campus

YO EVERYBODY! My name is Tom Schiefer but you can call me Chief Schief. I hail from long island (NORTH SHORE REPRESENT REPRESENT) and I’ve always loved nature. It started when I was a wee toddler and my parents left me on the Appalachian trail. I guess it was their way of forcing me to become a man. Luckily, I found a group of Chinese hikers along the trail who offered to bring me along. I learned a lot about their culture but even more about how to respect nature. Now, I’m studying contemplative engineering studies so I can properly direct my energy flow to designing more energy efficient things. Ultimately, I want to develop an energy efficient and inexpensive form of world peace. With that said, Schief outt!

Alexa Peseri

Area EcoRep: Pembroke

Hi everyone! I’m Alexa Peseri and am currently a sophomore. I joined EcoReps last year as a freshman. I’m the C.A. for New Pembroke #1, a member of the Brown University Chorus, the running club, BTV, 25:36, and AXO. I’m an Area EcoRep currently in charge of all Pembroke dorms! With regards to EcoReps, I love participating in all events, such as those held during Earth week, Move-in and Clean break! I plan to concentrate in Environmental Studies and earn the equivalent of a minor in theatre arts.

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